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Historic Walking Tours

Looking for something different to do around Lichfield? Then why not buy a Jono’s Tourism guided history tour.

Tours are available for a traditional general history of Lichfield or can be a themed tour, choose from:

A Victorian Promenade: Trains, statues and buildings

During the 60 year reign of Queen Victoria Lichfield grew and developed with an increasing population and expansion of the inner city. This tour describes some of the great benefactors, businessmen and entrepreneurs that helped to remodel the city as well as illustrating the many splendid Victorian red-brick buildings that line the city’s streets. Highlights include the The Old Library and Museum, the statue of Samuel Johnson, the tragic story of Edward Shakeshaft and the restoration of the west front of Lichfield Cathedral.

Georgian Greats: Johnson, Garrick, Seward and Darwin

Towards the end of the 18th century Lichfield became one of the most well-known cities in the whole of the country and this was partly down to four of the most famous, and influential people associated with the city. The lexicographer Samuel Johnson, the physician Erasmus Darwin, the stage actor David Garrick and the ground-breaking poetess Anna Seward all helped to promote the name of Lichfield across the country…and beyond. The tour tells the story of all four of these Georgian greats while visiting the houses and locations where they lived and stayed.

A City Ravaged: Lichfield in the English Civil War

The importance of Lichfield during the devastating English Civil War was down to three factors: location, location and…location. The city was brought to its knees, and the cathedral nearly to the ground, by the vicious fighting that took place in and around the Cathedral Close. Discover where the key battle grounds were, who the principal combatants were on either side - and hear the story behind the most incredible musket shot in history! .

What Lies Below: The churchyard of Lichfield Cathedral

Under the three spires of the magnificent Lichfield Cathedral, this tour takes you round the cathedral churchyard to find out who lies under the gravestones. From a bishop to a cathedral workman, and from a clock-making family to a married lover of Anna Seward, the tour takes you on a fascinating walk through the life of times of the people associated with the ‘Ladies of the Vale’.

Or request a tailor-made tour of your own – ask me to put a history tour together on a special topic, designed just for you! Prices for a standard history tour for two people start from £50, but for further information, details on how to book vouchers and costs please contact me

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