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25th January 2021

The Great Lichfield Snow of 1947!

Lichfield has definitely seen a considerable amount of snow in the last couple of days, however this is nothing to compare with the Great Snow of […]
1st January 2021

The Lichfield New Years Day Train Crash

On January 1st 1946, just a few months after the end of World War Two, Lichfield suffered its worst rail crash disaster when 20 people were […]
24th December 2020

Ghosts of Lichfield’s Christmas Past

In this festive blog I look at some of the Christmas’s of Lichfield’s Past, starting with Samuel Johnson, Lichfield’s most famous son, to see what he […]
7th November 2020

The King of the Criers and Jubilee Albert

At 11am on Sunday 11 November 2018 I stood by the Lichfield War Memorial in the Garden of Remembrance, on a cold, but bright and sunny […]
20th October 2020

The Lichfield Garden of Remembrance – 100 Years On

On 20 October 1920 the Lichfield Garden of Remembrance by Minster Pool was officially unveiled and the year 2020 commemorates its 100th anniversary. After the First […]
15th August 2020

Victory in Japan (VJ) Day Celebrations in Lichfield

At midnight, on the evening of Tuesday 14 August 1945, the British Prime Minister, Mr Clement Attlee, announced that the Japanese Government had finally surrendered, bringing […]
1st August 2020

Titanic’s Captain Smith – Just Why Is He in Lichfield?

On 29 July 1914 a statue was unveiled in the Museum Grounds of Beacon Park which started over 100 years of debate as to why it […]
21st June 2020

What a Load of Old Cobbles…

The Lichfield Market Square has today got a generally smooth surface but for many years the square was covered with a sea of ancient cobble stones. […]
13th June 2020

Sheep, Shropshire and Sausages – The Smithfield of Lichfield

This lovely catalogue of the Smithfield sheep sale in Lichfield dates back to September 1888. The main sale was of Shropshire Sheep, a brand that was […]
5th June 2020

George Fox and Bloody Lichfield!

To Great Yarmouth and Back… Someone asked on Facebook recently where the iconic painting of the religious dissenter, and founder of the Quakers, George Fox striding […]
8th May 2020

VE Day in Lichfield – 75 Years of Memories

On the 8 May 1945 the whole nation, and British Empire, celebrated Victory in Europe, more widely known as VE Day, the day when, after six […]
7th May 2020

What’s In a Name…The Many Lives of Jonathan Oates

As it is was my birthday on 6 May, I thought I would find out that I had got up to in years gone by… a […]